Ricordate quella sensazione di spingere sulle gambe per la prima volta? Era un fulmine a ciel sereno che spalancava le porte dalla nostra infanzia. Se fino a prima camminavamo su due gambe come il resto dei mortali, da quel giorno in poi avremmo pilotato razzi su due ruote alla fine del vialetto. Era come entrare a far parte di un mondo più grande, più audace.

Dopo il successo della serie Dreamride, Diamondback affida nuovamente a Juicy Studios e Mike Hopkins il commercial per il lancio del modello Release Carbon. Welcome to Skidsville. Population: all of us.

Doin’ Skids
The brick and board booter we named the “Scab Maker”
When street chalk started measuring street cred
Stunt lids
Your paper route
The things we’d do for a banana split

The crew
Looking for trouble
Getting lost
The adventures

Bottom line: bikes are awesome, and they’ve been that way since the beginning.
Meet the newest addition to our family… the Diamondback Release Carbon.

There’s a reason we all love bikes. Because bikes are awesome.

Produced By: Juicy Studios and Mike Hopkins
Directed By: Scott Carlson and Mike Hopkins
Cinematography: Scott Secco, David Peacock, & Derek Frankowski
Written By: Sean Smilie
Narration: Graham Tracey
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Executive Producer: Steve Westover (Diamondback Bikes)
Photography: Bruno Long
Music: “Man on a Mission” by Oh The Larceny

Cast: (In order of Appearance)

Westin Wilder Carlson (The Wildman)
Grayson and Cole McCauley (The Twins/Skid Kids)
Daylin Clayden (Young Evil Knievel)
Odessa Frankowski (The Observer)
Wyatt Joyce (Pool Boy)
Nova (The Wonder Dog)
Oliver Clement (Paperboy/Mr.Wink)
Sofia Maturo (The Happiest Scowl Face in the Business)
Heath Clement (The Dad with the Look)
Chase and Ryder Eagleton (Goonies 1&2)
Bodie Kuhn (#3)
Trevor McCauley (Tire Fix Dad)
Ripley Shewburt (Tire Fix Son)
Logan Merringer (90’s Skidder King)
Caelum Scott (Banjo Boy)
Autumn Terwoort (Juliette to the Romeo)
Ryan Gibb (Angry Dad)
Gavin Gauvin (The Trickster)
Rory Belter (Mr.Dirt)
Kian Merringer (Mr.Expression)
Keagan Fry (Tree Tap Boss/Strava King)
Traharn Chidley (The Blue Eye’d Mountain Queen)
Mike Hopkins (Wearer Of Many Hats)
Sophia Walker (The Next Generation… Seriously)

Monumental Thanks to all the amazing parents involved. Tracy Hopkins (Mike’s Mom) and Harive Hurd for “The House.” Josh Burwash, Rory Belter, Nicole Briggs, Al “Fauns” Frankowski, and Cocky for the “Old School” Props. Jason Taylor “J.T.” for the 11th-hour tech support and Tash Lockey for helping us find the talent. And of course, the beautiful community of Rossland BC for playing host to our antics.