Non ci sono dubbi: Under Armour ama lo sport in tutte le sue forme. Con la nuova campagna #WEWILL, evoluzione del proprio claim identitificativo I WILL, sottolinea come lo sport abbia il potere di unire e ispirare, coinvolgendo tutti quelli che credono nel suo potere, senza confini.

Il team UA non è da meno e ha sviluppato l’idea che lo sport possa cambiare il mondo. Nei campetti, negli stadi e nei campi di gioco cadono barriere e le persone si uniscono. Under Armour si propone la mission di spronare a credere in se stessi e migliorare attraverso passione, design e la costante ricerca di innovazione.

At Under Armour, we believe that sports can inspire, unite, and even change the world. We see it break down barriers and unite people of all backgrounds in arenas, stadiums, and playing fields. We see it inspire little girls and little boys to believe in themselves. We see it when teams, leagues, athletes, fans and you answer the call for help when disaster strikes.

We created this video before the impact of Hurricane Harvey, where we’ve all now witnessed the devastation that’s been caused. As we send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected, and as a brand that’s now making the bold statement that sports can change the world, it’s our job to demonstrate how we are doing more. We’re taking action through our partnership with Team Rubicon, a first responder organization who deploys former service members to emergency situations.

Our goals are direct:

  • Securing the safety of all those affected
  • Stabilizing the community and getting residents back home
  • Returning kids to school and sports

Through these efforts, our mission is to get everyone back in the game, back to their Friday Night Lights, and to aid in the healing process by uniting us all through the power of sport.

We encourage you to learn more and get involved. Learn more: underarmour.com/we-will